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Singapore River One (SRO) is a private sector-led partnership charged with the day-to-day management, maintenance, enhancement and marketing of the Singapore River. SRO is a legally- established not-for-profit company with a singular focus on leveraging public and private investments, increasing footfall, and enhancing property values within the Singapore River precinct.

The Singapore River precinct is an attractive location to set up a business due to its placement at the heart of the country. SRO has created this Business Resource Hub with the aim of providing information in the set-up and understanding of some of the administrative processes of starting and managing a business within the precinct..This site will provide information such as agencies details, SRO’s services and partners that we work with.

All information stated in the website is correct at time of publishing and subject to change. Users are encouraged to do their due diligence and check with the relevant agencies.


Starting a business in Singapore River

Establishing a business in Singapore River comes with a unique set of requirements.
There are a number of licenses, approval and checklists from various government agencies. Through these resources, we hope to make the processes as accessible as possible.


Requirements from Government Agencies
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  1. Building Construction Authority (BCA)
  2. Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
  3. Land Transport Authority (LTA)
  4. Media Development Authority (MDA)
  5. National Environment Agency (NEA)
  6. National Parks (NP)
  7. Public Utility Board (PUB)
  8. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
  9. Singapore Land Authority (SLA)
  10. Singapore Police Force (SPF)
  11. Singapore Tourism Board (STB)
  12. Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

Boat Quay ORA Requirements

  1. Business Operators in Boat Quay waterfront
  2. A member of Singapore River One

If you are interested in the ORAs, please download and submit the forms to

For all enquries about Boat Quay Outdoor Refreshment Areas, please contact


Boat Quay Membership Package

SRO, being the master licensor will aim to bring in new services to the tenants and also market Boat Quay as the prime waterfront dining destination. A membership fee will be charged to tenants who rent out the ORAs and this is a compulsory fee.

Our services include and not limited to:

S/No. Service
1. Maintaining and repairing the ORA structures at such intervals and in such manner as the Licensor considers appropriate
2. Maintaining and repairing the furniture located in, and the infrastructure of, the open public areas along the Boat Quay promenade at such intervals and in such manner as the Licensor considers appropriate

Providing or procuring the provision of the following:

  • General lighting (river step, bench, tree up-lighting) to ensure a holistic view of the water promenade
  • Supply of water (i) to fire hose reels and (ii) for general cleaning and maintenance to be used only by the Licensor

Providing the following membership benefits:

  • Advocacy of the Licensee’s concerns to the various Relevant Authorities
  • Inviting the Licensee to participate in cost-saving services such as in relation to energy and digital marketing
  • Sharing with the Licensee the results of any market surveys and research conducted by the Licensor
  • Inviting the Licensee to participate in marketing and promotional programmes, such as credit card promotions and festivals

*Please contact us for more information.


Boat Quay Services

Insurance Policy

All business operators whom are interested in the ORAs or are users of it will have to submit an Industrial All Risk Insurance to SRO.

SRO has also communicated with an insurance agency KWG and has gotten a $500 per annum rate for all the Boat Quay stakeholders.

Do contact or for more information.

Pest Control

SRO has engaged a pest control services for the ORAs along Boat Quay. If you do require pest control services do contact for more information.


Our Partners

Upgrading to Piped Gas:

City Gas SRO has taken further efforts as the place manager to enhance the costs minimization of new or current business operators along Singapore River. SRO is collaborating with City Gas to provide our stakeholders with safer and more reliable source of gas. City Gas will provide free conversion for interested stakeholders. By changing to piped gas, we will be able to free the backlanes of the shophouses and ensure a safer and neater environment for all. For more information, please contact