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11. Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Business Improvement Fund

The Business Improvement Fund (BIF) aims to encourage technology innovation and adoption, redesign of business model and processes in the tourism sector to improve productivity and competitiveness. The BIF is open to all Singapore-registered businesses/companies embarking on projects with a clear tourism focus.

These companies are:

  • Tourism companies taking on capability development initiatives
  • Technology companies that create innovative technology products and services for tourism businesses.

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Kickstart Fund

The Kickstart Fund supports the creation and test-bedding of innovative lifestyle concepts and events with strong tourism potential and scalability. This is with the aim of adding to the existing quality tourism software and enhancing the vibrancy of Singapore as a tourist destination in areas such as the arts, entertainment, dining, sports and retail.

The Kickstart Fund is open to all legal entities, including businesses, companies, and associations. Qualifying projects include live consumer experiences and concepts broadly across the lifestyle sectors of arts, entertainment, sports, retail and dining. Examples include live events, single and multiple editions of pop-ups (up to a maximum duration of one year or four editions), and services (eg. an art walk/tour, culinary tour).

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