Singapore River Festival 2022

Join us on #TheGreatRiverCleanUp Digital Fishing Game!

Singapore River Festival 2022

Singapore River Festival 2022 (SRF) returns for the 6th year with the launch of a digital fishing game titled #thegreatrivercleanup as the key highlight of the festival! Help us to protect our environment by virtually removing unwanted objects from the Singapore River.

#TheGreatRiverCleanUp provides opportunities to learn about the River’s heritage and encourage bonding through interactive play. It also alludes to the great clean up in Singapore’s history, which was instrumental to Singapore’s development, and the waterfront we have today. The game is also a reminder to do our part in keeping our waters clean!

This year’s festival also includes fringe activities and promotions where families can spend their family time together, and for groups of friends who wish to hang out and chill over a great meal by the river.

Singapore River Festival 2022 concluded on 30th April 2022, and #TheGreatRiverCleanUp Digital Fishing Game ended on 30th May 2022. Hope to see you next year!